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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vietnam Navy Pilot Larry Malone on Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes

Join Living Your Best Life as we celebrate our military heroes' journeys before and after their service to our country. Hear from men and women who are sons and daughters; husbands and wives; fathers and mothers; grandparents; siblings; and loyal friends. Hear members of the Marines, Army, Air Force, and Navy share personal stories and highlights from their military careers. All have roles that made them the "first" in many endeavors throughout their lives and in the military. We will hear about their rarely discussed acts of courage and sacrifice that embody servant leadership that will empower, inspire, and motivate listeners. 

On Saturday, July 6, 2013, tune in to hear retired Navy Captain Larry Malone, a former Vietnam pilot. Larry will share about being intrenched in his identity of being a pilot and living out his dreams while flying one of the most revered aircraft during the Vietnam era, the A-6 Intruder.

On one bombing mission, Larry's wing man asked if they would return alive?  Listen to Larry share why that question led him to give up his love of flying. Hear Larry share how he spent years after Vietnam questioning the "business of war". Hear his vulnerability as he tell us how he realized he was seeking forgiveness from wounds from were inflicted on his soul.

Larry will walk us through decades of spiritual brokenness and you will hear his joy as he shares his peace founded through his faith.  "It was that experience that brought me to the Lord," he says."The business of dropping bombs requires a thorough examination of what you are doing, and I had never made that examination. The need for forgiveness and inner peace led me to Jesus Christ." 

Larry Malone, Genma Holmes, and Terry Smith
This show promises to be thought provoking and soul searching that many may be able to relate to whether a veteran, active duty military, a factory worker, or a corporate CEO. Also hear how Larry's life as a bomber pilot was the background for the book and movie, Flight of the Intruder.

Larry Malone will share some of his experiences on apanel discussion at the Warrior-Centric Healthcare Training  that will be in Nashville on July 9th, 2013 at the Nashville Public Library.

Living Your Best Life Radio, radio that empowers, inspires, and motivates you to live your BEST life can be heard on 760AM in the Middle Tennessee Region, on Tune In Radio, streamed live on  UStream.TV  on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am CST and on military bases.

More About Larry Malone

A former A-6 Intruder pilot during the Vietnam War is now engaged in the battle for men's souls. Larry is the founder of Sou(l)dier Wound.  After being a pilot, Larry served in the Navy as an aircraft maintenance officer until 1993 and retired from the Naval Reserve in 1996. A graduate of San Jose State University (B.S. in aeronautics) and the University of Southern California (M.S. in systems management), Larry became a human resource manager in Fresno, Calif. In 1988, he began management consulting work to help businesses with marketing and human-relations issues. After his 1994 move to be a marketing consultant in Atlanta, Larry joined a chapter of United Methodist Men at Mount Bethel United Methodist Church.That involvement led him to apply for the position of director of men's ministries at the newly created General Commission on United Methodist Men, a Nashville-based agency.

Larry is married to Diane and they have been blessed with three adult children (Nathan, Daniel and Kelly), six grandchildren, three God-children, and two surrogate sons.

Officer, World Methodist Council 2006-2011
President, World Fellowship of Methodist and Uniting Church Men 2006-2011
President, Denominational Men's Ministry Network of North America 2004-2008
Steering Committee, National Coalition of Men's Ministries 2000 - 2008
US Navy Captain (O-6) retired 1993
Naval Aviator / Distinguished Naval Graduate 1971

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Photos of my visit to Larry's "Man Cave" and our recording session photos can be found here.


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