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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ambassador Theodore Britton, Jr. on Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes

Join Living Your Best Life as we celebrate our military heroes' journeys before and after their service to our country. Hear from men and women who are sons and daughters; husbands and wives; fathers and mothers; grandparents; siblings; and loyal friends. Hear members of the Marines, Army, Air Force, and Navy share personal stories and highlights from their military careers. All have roles that made them the "first" in many endeavors throughout their lives and in the military. We will hear about their rarely discussed acts of courage and sacrifice that embody servant leadership that will empower, inspire, and motivate listeners. 

On Saturday, June 29, 2013, tune in to hear from U. S. Ambassador Theodore Britton, Jr, a Montford Point Marine and Congressional Gold Medal Recipient, who was one of the first Marines to integrate the United States Marine Corps. Tune in to hear Ambassador Britton share why the desegregation of the USMC was one of the early milestones in the United States Civil Rights struggle. Hear him discuss the importance of USMC's desegregation and why it has been overlooked by historians and the people of our country. 

Listen as Ambassador Brittons  reflect on lessons learned, from being in two wars, World War II and the Korean War. Hear him share about being thankful for serving his country and why using military force should be the last option, not the first.  Ambassador Britton will also share the need for all Americans to learn more about Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Compassion Fatigue. He will share why he believes that communities, not just the veteran community,  must be more aware of the invisible wounds of war that is plaguing our country's service men and women post combat. Ambassador Britton will be the keynote speaker at Warrior-Centric Healthcare Training in Nashville on July 9, 2013.

Living Your Best Life Radio, radio that empowers, inspires, and motivates you to live your BEST life can be heard on 760AM in the Middle Tennessee Region, on Tune In Radio, streamed live on the web at UStream.TV  on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am CST and on military bases.

More About Ambassador Theodore Britton, Jr.

Ambassador Britton has maintained a life-long interest in diplomatic affairs and International activities as shown by his extensive participation in US Information Agency programs beginning in 1971. During 1981 to 1989, he served as Co-Chair of the US-China Agreement on Housing and Planning and Executive Secretary to similar agreements with Mexico, Canada, Japan and the former Soviet Union (USSR).  Longtime Vice-Chair, he was elected Chairman/President, of the Group on Urban Affairs in 1985, at the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). During this period, he led a two year OECD Mission to Study and Evaluate Japan’s Urban Policies, and later, presided at the second meeting of Urban Affairs Ministers of the 23 OECD countries.

 A specialist in finance and housing, he was president of the American Baptist Management Corporation prior to entering Government service. In his first post, his housing expertise was put to use as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, with a mission to improve the production of housing and the delivery of housing services. He was elected president of New York’s United Mutual Life Insurance Company after leaving his ambassadorial post, and returned to Government in 1981 to concentrate on International Affairs.

He is a graduate of New York University with a B.S. degree in Banking and Finance, and from the American Savings and Loan Institute with the Graduate Diploma. During 2009, the Ambassador was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws – Honoris Causa, by Kristal University, in Tirana, Albania.

He has twice served in the US Marine Corps beginning with basic training at Camp Montford Point in Jacksonville, NC., January 14, 1944.  He is a Life Member of its Third Marine Division. He holds a similar Life Membership in the Association for Intelligence Officers. A long time member of People to People International, he is a member of its’ Board of Trustees, having served as a member of its Board of Directors. He is a board member of the Georgia Council for International Visitors, the Council of American Ambassadors and is Honorary Chairman of Kristal University, located in Tirana, Albania. In March 2009, he was elected Chairman of Kristal’s Center for Albanian-American Studies.

In 2006, he was appointed Honorary Consul-General of the Republic of Albania, in the State of Georgia. Lastly, he is an “Ambassador for Peace” of the South Korean-based Universal Peace Federation, and was a member of its Middle East Peace Initiative to Israel and Palestine in 2007. 

A long-time supporter of education, and gifted lecturer, he recently completed the second of a lecture series on The Caribbean, at Georgia’s world famed Emory University. During November, 2008, after being recognized and honored by the South Korea National Assembly, he was designated to respond on behalf of veterans comprising the sixteen (16) nations which composed the combat forces during the Korean War. 


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