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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School advice for MBA Seekers, Single Moms, and Large Families

Genma Holmes and Living Your Best Life Radio will share that going back to school includes a growing segment of the population who have not seen a classroom in a few seasons. Many are considering going back to school for their first, second, or third degree. In this economy, having an edge on other job applicants includes being prepared with work experience and a secondary education.

Also hear from moms who believe going back to school means being organized, prayed up, and not afraid to ask (or hire) help. You wouldn't want to miss this exciting show that is guaranteed to empower, inspire, and motivate you to live your best life!

On 880AM in the Nashville Market on Saturday from 10am-12 CST and Streaming Live on Ustream.TV August 20, 201

Getting Your MBA Maybe The Best Investment in This Economy

Professor of Accounting and Director of Owen Entrepreneurship Center at Vanderbilt, Germain Boer will share about transforming students into self-driven entrepreneurs. Hear about many of his students who have become dynamic business leaders with out of the box thinking.

More about...Dr. Germain Boer

Preparing Your Family For A Successful School Year

Hear successful super model, actress, and spokesperson Dawn Montgomery Greene share how she managed work life balance after returning to college full time while raising her son. Dawn completed her college goals and managed to pull off the wedding of her dreams during her last semester of school to Atlanta's super lawyer Reggie Greene.

Dawn has been featured in numerous magazines around the world. She was featured in Essence
And on Genmaspeaks Blog

Meet The Malone Quads of Georgia

Columbus, Georgia's Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Michael (Kelly Collier) Malone family of three grew by four in one day on August 20, 2007. Kelly delivered four beautiful boys who have become known as the Malone Quads. Hear how super mom along with dad raise five boys in a wonderful environment that Kelly calls "organized chaos" with a smile. Michael and Kelly will share how they manage to get their rambunctious brood of five out the door during the school year. We will learn "it takes a village" truly applies to this inspiring family!

Read more about the famous quads here... The Malone Quads and here

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