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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Eyes of the Nation Are on Nashville

For the last several months, Belmont University and the city of Nashville have been preparing for the Presidential Debate. There will be viewing parties across the country and throughout our great city. I will be inside seeing the debate live and in person. I have gotten several calls over the weekend asking me to attend several meet and greets, I mean donor parties, for the Presidential Candidates. To meet Obama with Governor Bredesen at his home is going for $2500 and to meet McCain a cool $1500.

I told the supporters since I am still counting my pennies left over from the Wall Street mess, "thanks, but no thanks". I did managed to throw out my media credentials with Inspired Living Magazine and will be able to get a few photos snapped for the media outlet. Daddy would be proud. Not one cent spent to hob nob with the few people with money left in the city.

I will be updating throughout the day on the happenings around the city. Hopefully, no one will suspend their campaign before Tuesday or no late breaking news that the sky is falling.

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Yobachi said...

Hey great picture of my city (though a little outdated as we have a new tower beside the batman building)

But still a good one, might have to use it myself.

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