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Monday, October 20, 2008

Engaging the Community's Involvment with Young People and the Oasis Center

I spent Monday morning sharing with the Willis Group about the importance of their contributions to the United Way. The donations made to the United Way help the youth of Middle Tennessee and the Oasis Center. My daughter, Hurricane Alexis, is gearing up for her fourth year of baking pies for the Oasis Center. Alexis became apart of the Oasis' family in Aug of 2005. As a mom of a teen that has benefited from the generosity of others, I am compelled to share my gratitude and my story with others.

Since that time, I have spent many hours sharing locally, regionally, and nationally about the good deeds of the Oasis Center. For more information about the Oasis Center go to

To schedule a speaker (or me) from the Oasis Center for the your church or civic group contact, Kay Haygood (Faith and Religious Groups) or Hal Cato (corporations or civic groups) you may reach them at 615-327-4455.

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