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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Realtors: Beware of Crooked Couple Posing as Multi-Millionaires in the Leiper's Fork Community

My previous post about the Kimberly (Kim) and Phillip W. (Phil) McDowell has generated many emails. And tons of commentary. More and more agents are coming forward stating they crossed paths with The McDowells in the last few years. From Colorado to Tennessee, the behavior of Kim and Phil McDowell was consistently odd and eerie.

Several agents made snap decisions and decided right away, this couple is not going to waste my time and dismissed their inquiries about viewing homes for sale. In Tennessee, the homes The McDowells were fond of viewing were immaculate multi-million dollar homes with every amenities imaginable on sprawling acres of land in Willamson County. The homes Kim and Phil McDowell put contracts on were off the beaten path, isolated and quite in the Leiper's Fork community.

The agents who were not dismissive of The McDowells found themselves being not only realtors trying to broker a multimillion home sale but in need of impromptu therapy after trying to help this "uber wealthy" relocated couple navigate life altering challenges one after another. From Kim's sudden diagnosis of cancer, the day before closing, to their estate lawyer being in a car-wreck on the way to a closing with all of their paperwork to the federal government freezing millions of dollars in an off shore account, The McDowells had agents, buyers and sellers, wishing their inner voice that said 'something is not right' had been louder. Much louder!

Some agents who engaged The McDowells commented that when dealing with the public, one should never judge a book by its cover. True. But The McDowells are not books. They are depraved conartists who claim to be from Wales, England  (Kim) and Littleton, Colorado (Phil) with staff to help them mange their imaginary McMansion. And in this day and age of craze and deranged individuals being the new black, everyone in the business of selling goods and services to the public, must be extra deligient in protecting themselves (and clients) from individuals whose brazen petty crimes maybe an indicator of other hidden deviant activity or the beginning of them escalating into more sinister acts. By sharing The McDowells' con-games with the public, these posts are meant to not only inform sellers and agents but the public as well.

I am in the service business. Without the personal touch of face to face interactions, my 80% referrals from customers would die on the vine. But I have had a few encounters with potential customers that made my skin crawl. And made me grateful for the prayers of my grandmother covering me.

When asked what damages have The McDowells done if they only skipped out on closings, the dollars added up in my head immediately. When agents engage The McDowells, they are helping them continue to string along homeowners. And others. In the selling of a home, it is several companies involved in the transaction not just the sellers and buyers. The agents, inspectors, title insurers, painters, lawn care, and lawyers. Oh, let us not forget the pest control folks! Most of the services provided are paid at closing. But some services are paid along the way.

When The McDowells entered into pretend contracts knowing they were not going to consummate the deals, others, unknowingly, are pulled in as well. Even when Kim and Phil McDowells' devious games are realized early, if you are a Realtor or service provider to homeowners, time has been wasted. For most individuals in sales, their time is their money. Wasting others' time is not crimial but it is sickening to know that they gleem pleasue out of the attention they get by pretending to be super rich and lying about buying multi-million dollar homes.

Agents have picked them up from Drury Plaza and drove them around Leiper's Fork to view homes for sale. WTH? Anyway, Kim McDowell called agents and became friendly by sharing stories about family, grandchildren, and life in England while constantly dangling the love of the property she is planning to buy. I have not known anyone who has ever been arrested for theft of time but entering into contracts with premeditated intent to defraud has given a number of folks a new warrobe of orange jumpsuits.

To date, a few who had dealings with The McDowells have contacted the authorities. Those who have shared information have been agents and sellers.There is an active investigation and the authorities need the public's help, especially realtors.

In the meantime, today is Sunday and realtors are about in droves showing homes. Please beware and be careful! The McDowells maybe calling you pretending to be a multimillionaires from a La Quinta Inn needing a ride to a view multi-million dollar listing!


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Simon Hartland said...

As a Franklin Realtor myself I've crossed paths with crazies over the years but this couple are easily busted.

NO-ONE but NO-ONE would ever say they are from "Wales, England". Wales is a country, England is a country, together (with Scotland) they make up Great Britain (add in N. Ireland and then you have the United Kingdom).

Imagine saying I'm from Tennessee, Alabama - that's similar to what this lady is saying (and how you'd know she's a crazy immediately).

Again, I've met crazies over the years, their stories always make you go "hmmm" and if you do even the slightest bit of research you realize they are not real. When your gut tells you to investigate, do just that and you'll save yourself time and money every time.

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