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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dr. Sheila R. Brown on Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes

Join Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes as we profile organizations, leaders, and volunteers who lead by example. With extraordinary acts of kindness and charitable giving that help countless lives daily, these organizations, leaders, and volunteers  embody, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

On Saturday April 2, 2016, listeners will hear a phenomenal entrepreneur in the healthcare, Sheila R. Brown, D.D.S. Dr. Brown is a force in the field of dentistry with a thriving practice in the Chicago Area that expands over 28 years of service. Dr. Brown's philosophy for living life to the fullest  while giving back to her community has endured her to thousands of clients through the years and helped her climb to the highest levels of leadership in various non-profit organizations. Dr. Brown became the 87th President of the National Dental Association. She served for ten years as the organizations national treasurer.

Tune in the hear what drives and motivates her to give and be her best. Listen to Dr. Brown share about her parents who instilled in her the love of education and told her "where she was going to college not if she was going to college." Her parents' foundation and their investment in her early years has allowed Dr. Brown to teach around the world sharing her wisdom with our global community world wide. Teaching in other countries helped fueled Dr. Brown's love of international travel and makes her a highly sought after speaker on diversity and inclusion. Dr. Brown's work ethics and attention to details about life and living will inspire, empower, and motivate our listeners to live their best life.

Living Your Best Life is heard on 760AM The Gospel in the Middle-TN area, Tune In,  military bases and on Ustream.TV worldwide from 9:00-10:00am CST.

More About Dr. Sheila R. Brown

Dr. Sheila R. Brown graduated from Johnson C. Smith University with a B.S. in biology and received her Master of Education from Texas Southern University. She began her professional life as a teacher focusing in biological sciences. This profession took her across the United States as well as West Africa.
After four years of teaching and uplifting our youth, Dr. Brown began to pursue a Doctorate in Dentistry at the University of Michigan. After graduating, Dr. Brown worked as an associate dentist before beginning her own practice.

In 1987, Dr. Brown began her dental practice, focusing on general dentistry with an emphasis in cosmetics and comprehensive care. Today, with more than 1,200 active patients, S.R.B. Dental is a flourishing practice. Dr. Brown’s success emanates from her knowledge of dentistry and ability to make her patients feel comfortable.
Dr. Brown is a respected member of the community and the dental industry, and has received several awards and honors. She has been a proud member of the Seattle Study Club since 2004. As a member, she works with over 215 specialists across the U.S., Canada, and Australia to advance dentistry and further comprehensive care for the patient.

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