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Monday, September 1, 2008

McCain's Drive by Politics, Lessons Straight from the Hood

Now that I have spent more time analyzing the VP choice for the Repubs than McCain, I can only sum it up as a gangsta move straight from the hood. This was a drive by. Yep, McCain looks like a straight laced polly (politician) but he reminds me more and more of a gangsta trying to establish his turf on the corner. He got the stuff, it may not be all that pure but he will give everyone a little bit to undercut the playa known by everyone. The more we try to get all dignified and righteous in politics the more we see it comes right down to the undignified streets. This is street fighting at its best and you have to understand the rules of street fighting. Folks, there are no rules when you are street fighting. You hit with whatever you got. And many innocent peeps have died in the cross fire of a street fight or a drive by shooting. Who are the innocent ones in this gang banger straight from the hood? Women and conservatives. They are crying for a Messiah. The holy one. One wanted the chosen one called Hillary and the other want a true red conservative loving God, country and babies.

You say this, claim that, throw your party under the bus, you do what it takes to win and 'my friend John' is saying heck with the party of conservative politics and looking like the holy one. He is trying to win. Many have said it all along he is not a conservative, 'my friend John' is a Repub. The old school kind. A cross between Al Capone, a preacher that is about to get fired from his church, and the ghetto thug who will not listen to his grandma tell him that he better stop before he get caught. What do all three have in common? They write their own rules. They are stand alone leaders and they usually do not stand for much very long.

Now who is Palin? A woman from Alaska with five kids! This is street fighting. You fill in the blanks for everything else. All this talk of experience, being ready day one, knowing who the candidate is, heck, on the street there is one question, can you fight? And you start to fight, shoot or stab, you do something other than stand there. You sling mud, you drop bombs, you pull hair, and you go get a woman. Yep, a woman...a real one with stretch marks, a beauty queen crown gathering dust, and basketball trophies in the attic. Try to find one with some political experience like the PTO or the neighborhood association. If she was the mayor of a town called 'no where land' that is good but if she is Governor of a state that we often forget about that is even better. This is as American as Baked Alaska. Vetting? Who vets when you are down and the game is in the fourth quarter and your paid cheerleaders have quit on you. You make a phone call and hope you are talking to the right person. In football, this is a Hail Mary pass or as they do in the hood, put your finger on the trigger and squeeze. Both you do with your eyes closed praying that you hit the intended person with the ball or the bullet. I am not a quarterback nor have I ever lived in the hood but I know several former pro quarterbacks and I got a few ghetto cousins who would not listen to my grandmother, they are all saying the same thing, John McCain is not trying to be any one's messiah, he is trying to win.

You might not like how the game is being played but you got to love his survival instincts here. In life, the jungle and the streets in the hood look the same. JmC (pun intended) is hardheaded and cranky as hell. He is playing by the rules that we know are there but we are too religious to admit that this is how the game is played. Get right down to it, women are never important until you are losing or in trouble and you need one by your side. And women fall for the okie doke every time. Hillary stood by Bill and still did not get her personal chair in the oval office. Conservatives got to quit looking for the Messiah of politics and accept that imperfect people will produce imperfect pollies. Pollies got to quit trying to look all righteous and caring and need to come clean and say hey folks, I am trying to win and I do not care what you think. Putting it on the table keeps everyone else from guessing about your motives.

Remember when Patterson took over in New York? He said on day one; I cheated, I smoked, I lied, (can not remember if he stole but okay), he shot the elephant in the room and no one had to guess what kind of person he was, he told you. You got to respect a crook when he tells you he is a crook upfront. shocking but refreshing. New York's Demos and Repubs seem to accept that he is their Governor and it is business as usual. Taxes, crime and falling skyscrapers. Now if 'my friend' would come out and say I want this bad and I am trying to win, we will stop talking about the VP choice and quit playing dumb and say, "it is what it is". Political lessons from the hood have gone mainstream.

After all, JmC is not the Messiah.

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Miss Caldonia said...

You are on the case! You read John McCain like a book. Took the skin off his withered old body.

Keep on writing.

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