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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Book Review: Write It Down, Make It Happen

One of new favorite books is by author Henriette Anne Klauser. Write It Down, Make it Happen was a birthday gift several years ago. I tried reading it several times but with my life moving at the speed of sound, I never finished the first three chapters until last summer. It was life changing. I have implemented several practices that I have learned from reading the book in place and I can see the difference in my life. I recommend this book to anyone who have dreams that they think are unreachable, unexplainable, unfinished or have been put on hold. The book helped me to organize my thoughts and stay focused in the midst of trials and chaos. Why I did not read this book when I first received it is the million dollar question?

If you are able trying to set goals and looking to hold your self accountable, grab a journal and start writing it down and make life happen.

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