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Saturday, September 6, 2008

RNC...Palin, God, Country and Answered Prayers

As I watched the convention on C-SPAN (of course), I could not help but notice the difference between the RNC and the DNC. The RNC lacked diversity and the rush to showcase women and give them seats up front was obvious. The highlight of the convention was Governor Sarah Palin and her youngest daughter was the scene stealer hands down. While mom delivered several one line zingers that brought the house down, Piper Palin giving her brother a comb over with a lick gave the morning talk shows the warm fuzzy news for the next day.

One thing the Repubs got this past week, for sure, was a real live walking nuclear weapon with Governor Palin. I knew God, country, and babies were going to be up front and center but this was truly a moment for the evangelical community as well as the Grand Ole Party. It was equivalent to the parting of the Red Sea. If I know nothing else, I know that McCain has been praying for a miracle and God showed up and showed out and then some. Who knew a woman would resurrect the dead and give sight to those who were losing their vision and give energy to the masses at the RNC who got off the plane feeling weak and tired? Palin, a real mom with real women issues, was a hard act to follow. McCain and the green screen could have done a 'Bush no show' and no one would have noticed. Palin was the deal breaker.

The music was patriotic and what I knew all along was confirmed, the folks at the RNC are not fans of 'Dancing with the Stars'. Music with a beat was not on display. More hand clapping and foot stomping filled the air. Even Carrie Underwood would have been a little out of touch with this crowd rhythmically.

The speakers never quite hit the mark according to the pundits who spent a week prior covering the DNC. If you follow my ramblings, you know how I feel about pundits so I will not comment on their comments. The theme "Country First" was put on the back burner the first day, and the Weather Channel seemed to be what everyone was tuned into. Thank God, Gustva spared New Orleans but other areas were hit hard and millions in damages still occurred. Governors Jindal, Perry, and Barbour skipped the festivities to tended to their flocks. You got to love Red State Governors who care more about their people than their party politics. While the convention was tempered to not appear too upbeat, balloons and confetti were the most exciting thing before or after Palin.

McCain threw a Hail Mary and by all other standards the convention was a success. The RNC rallied its base and left many wondering who will occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January. This will be a battle for the White House like none we have ever seen.

While all the cameras were pointed away from Washington, Vice President Cheney managed to slip out the country to do rebuilding assessments. With all the talk of Gustva, Governor Palin, the RNC, and teen pregnancies now being blessed by God and the evangelicals, my gun shooting VP Cheney managed to take a billion dollars cash to Georgia. Not Georgia in the USA, not even New Orleans, but Georgia that I did not know was a country Georgia. Now if that does not make you pause and think, then all this talk about "Country First" was for nothing. Millions were spent to tell us that the Repubs care about the USA. Millions. But in the end, a billion was sent to another country that many of us did not know existed. Wow, the power of the Vice President!

Thanks to the RNC and it show casing how important the Vice President choice will be in this election, I am giving the VP candidates as much or more attention than I ever had before. Pit bulls wearing lipstick have a new meaning.


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