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Friday, September 26, 2008

Let 's here it for the girls!

Thursday night, several business owners got together to help promote breast cancer awareness and to support a fellow business woman, Veronica Gliatti (Ronni). Nearly a thousand dollars were raised in Veronica's name. Ronni and I are networking maniacs and share the same views about the importance of relationships as you grow your business. I fell in love with her zest and zeal for life. She defies her circumstances and is still undergoing chemo. Ronni is determined to live life to the fullest. She shares her story, victories and struggles, with as many as she can as often as she can. Her ten month old granddaughter, Ava, is one of her greatest motivators to keep fighting the good fight. The bond between Ronni and Ava was obvious to everyone as Ronni spoke to the group about her passion for life and determination to inform others how important it is to raise money for research for new drugs to help cure this dreadful disease.

Because of my dad's mom battle with breast cancer many, many years ago, this is my second year being engaged in the cause.

Recently, Ronni started blogging to chronicle her journey to become employed again. She is courageous to stand strong and proud and shout to the world that I am a survivor. She is a survivor not damaged. Ronni is walking this year in the American Cancer Society's 'Making Strides Walk'. Her team is fittingly called "Make some Noise". Ronni is making much noise about life and living.

Check her blog out at
Photos and Poster by Scott Thomas

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