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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Denver Bound

I am headed to Denver to cover the convention. I know this is going to be quite an experience. I live in a very conservative state and most of my friends are recovering Demos, die hard Reps or recently converted Independents. When I am asked "how are you going to vote?", I think of my grandfather immediately, and remember one of his famous sayings "local politics make for local enemies".

Truth be told, I am a liberal conservative who thinks independently. I do not vote because of a certain party. Nor does race or sex of a candidate get my attention either. Issues and nothing but the issues are my focus. Our country has been hood winked by a praying Christian, a slick Southerner, countless number of fried chicken eating and baby kissing politicians for too long. It is time for us, at least this blogger will, to think outside the checked box and get to business of getting this country back in the black.

The amount of money that is being spent during this campaign season could help a number of non-profits provide for their communities and could literally provide health care for all of the uninsured children in Tennessee. Heck for the country for that matter!

I am headed to Denver. Then in a week. I will be with the other team. I can not wait to see how they party in Colorado. I am pretty darn sure no one is really going to be working...we are covering politicians right?

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