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Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Throws a Fast Pitch!

Before I could even begin to post my summary of theDNC, McCain threw a fast pitch and the Governor of the Alaska, Sarah Palin, knocked it out of the ball park. One thing about die hard Repubs, they play to win! As I watched, on C-SPAN of course, a mother of five with a beehive stepped to the podium and gave a speech like only a mother running a state, cooking salmon and shipping oil could give. No matter what your designated party is, you got to admit this is going to be an incredible political race. Daddy left way too soon. I wish he was here to get his non paid view on the match up.

Today, I walked into my daughter's home school tutorial and I swear every mom in the office looked exactly like Governor Palin. There were high fives and a few 'thank God' as parents plunked down a few grand to home school kids. The religious right was talking about God and country again. I think paying to home school will be socially acceptable this year. Anything related to women working, being the boss and raising kids (in one breath) will probably pass for chic this political season. I got two businesses, raising kids, picking up and dropping off to practices and I love to wear my flag pin. I am fashionable again. Who knew, it would take Govenor Palin to make me hot and sought after!

I know what the hair style of choice will be to dress up those traveling pantsuits. The impeccable beehive. I am packing up my skirts, dresses and knee high boots, this will be the year of the power suit. Pardon me as run grab a bottle of Clairol 112 while picking up the twisties for that hairdo.

Life is good.

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