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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Diversity Was Represented In Denver

Did you see the Indian singing the national anthem as if he was from TPAC's opera? Okay, even I was impressed. His name was Robert Moore and he was a leader in the Rosebud Sioux Council. He opened Wednesday night's floor session. This cynical critic was not expecting to see one of the most diverse line up of talent, speakers, and politicians ever. How about the Asian-American woman who is also an Iraq Veteran from Illinois. Tammy Duckworth is the director of the department of Veteran Affairs. Can you even spell diversity after she spoke? I loved the young man from Tennessee, I forgot to jut his name down, who was a true red Repub speaking as well. An Iraq Veteran, a young white Repubs, from TN speaking at the DNC. Diversity is much more than black and white. If you were watching the pundits produced news you did not see any of this. On C-Span, you could not miss the visuals of how America is the land of the red,white, blue and several other shades of people from all back grounds and walks of life.

Nor did you see any of the sessions that were sponsored by businesses and political groups that were trying to get their message out and making sure their voices were heard. We do not see this on pundit produced news cycles. Big businesses do not care about who is in the White House, they care about making sure their brand is up close and personal with what party is in charge. The same sponsors for the DNC are packing up and headed to the RNC. Diversity in business is what makes green.

The music from start to finish was patriotic and danceable. Those two words normally that do not describe political conventions' music. It reminded me of one big block party that covered the nation. Cheryl Crow, Jennifer Hudson, Will I Am, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Take Six and a host of others kept people entertained while they waited. I hope BMI was keeping track because if they are paying royalties for the music that was played at the convention, a few folks got some checks coming.

Seriously, it was a very diverse convention. The head woman in charge was Rev. Leah Daughty and she held her own with the DNC. You do not see any of what I have written because our networks have only a few people they discuss. Their friends or former bosses. Since they have already mentioned them, I will not. 35 million dollars to wow Demos to stop fighting each other and try to win was quite a feat.

Thursday night, whether you are red or blue, black or white, yellow or green, said we have come along way in our political party system. I must admit that I cried. This was a defining moment in American history. My grandfather had to be smiling from heaven because he fought for me to have the right to vote. He marched, he organized, he taught, he was not deterred no matter the circumstances, all for me. So that I can vote. I do not take that lightly. I hope I have passed that love of my country and being political responsible by making sure I vote down to my children.

Now, let us see what the RNC has the offer next week. The music better be danceable.

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