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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 Guide to Jewish Nashville is Hot Off the Press

Two years ago, I was given a copy of the Jewish Observer by a friend who read an article I had written in the another media outlet. Being a lover of diversity, the newspaper became one of my favorite papers to read.

I became so fond of the Jewish Observer that I decided I would advertise my companies in their publications. Beginning in June, my ads will run in every issue of the paper and next year's Guide to Jewish Nashville.

In the meantime, grab the current issue of the 2013 Guide to Jewish Nashville. Featured stories includes the works of artists Kaaren Kirschwith Engle, Kim Phillips, and Zev Goering, who embrace their Jewish heritage. You also find an intriguing story about a dresser that helps solves a 60 year old family mystery.
Interiors by Zev
The Jewish Guide is filled with a comprehensive listing of congregations, organizations, and educational opportunities.  It can serve as a handy reference all year long. The Jewish Observer, the only Jewish newspaper covering Middle Tennessee. It is published by the Jewish Federation of Nashville twice a month.

 Look for the Holmes Pest Control ad in the paper and Living Your Best Life ad on the website.


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