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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ten Tips For Surviving Long Lines on Election Day 2012

Today is the last official day of the 2012 election cycle. There are many who are predicting November 6, 2012 ballot counts will last another two months, a  Bush-Gore trip to the Supreme Court revisited. Many pundits and pollsters are predicting long lines in states where voters are fighting the elements, agenda driven officials, broken voting equipment, and software with glitches. While pundits duke it out on how you will vote or what will stop you from casting your vote, here are 10 tips to help you make it through a day that maybe eventful and, possibly, very long.

10. Your identification. Do not leave home without proper id. It has been preached relentlessly.

9. Know polling address. A call to your local election commission office or a quick  stroll around the Internet can help find where to vote. If your polling place have been displaced because of Sandy, information on where to vote can be found here.

8. Don't forget your medication. If you take medicine at regular intervals, take your meds with you, especially if you are taking medicine for high blood pressure or diabetes. The stress and strain of a election day can spike your blood pressure. 

7. Water.

6. Light snacks. A hungry person gets angry quicker. A few snacks can help take off the edge.

5. Small folding chair. If the wait time will be for hours, standing for long periods can take its toll, especially on the elderly. A small chair can bring respite.

4. Dress for the weather. If you will be in adverse weather, dress appropriately. Rain coats, umbrellas, blankets, and comfortable shoes are essential keys to surviving a long day in line waiting to vote. Check the forecast for your area here.

3. Extra cell phone batteries. Keeping tabs on family and friends while in line can pass the time faster. Cell phones are also for documenting on the spot confusion at the polls. Tweet pics to me at @bugsact. Also, use your cell to report voting improprieties or trickery at 1-866-My-VOTE-1.

2. A journal, a book, or homework. Nothing like capturing your thoughts, catch up on reading (Warmth of Other Suns) or finish paperwork for home, business, grading papers.

1. A great attitude. With all our problems, Americans have freedoms that many do not have around the world. Reflecting on our freedoms can be worth the wait!

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