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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Six Reasons to Stay in Line No Matter How Long it Takes to Vote

Today is election day, November 6, 2012. Two years of campaigning and 2 billion dollars worth of ads that have driven us to brink of insanity will come to an end tonight. Hopefully. No matter who you are voting for, the lines are expected to be long today.

Acts of God, Hurricane Sandy, have disrupted the North East. Acts of the devil, Governor Rick Scott, are reeking havoc in the state of Florida. Not to leave out the voting machine rumors running amok. All of this is enough for you to wonder why are you willing to stand in predicted long lines for hours. Is it worth it? Yes, it is!

Come hell or high water, here are 6 reason why you should stay in line today to vote:

6. At one point, women could not vote. We can now. In droves. Do not get out of line when you could not get in line until 1920.

5. Blacks could not vote until 1965. Do not get out of line when you could not get in line until 1965.

4. Many naturalized citizens and their families come from countries where they could not vote.

3. Who you vote for is your business. But having reasonable choices is what makes the United States a democracy. Dictators do not give you choices. Countries who have dictators do not let you get in line. Unless you are in front of a firing squad.

2. Choosing to get out of line or not vote, gives us elected and appointed officials who do not have an understanding of the U.S. Constitution that they claimed to be cloaked in. You have a right to vote today, so we all can work together to help strengthen the laws they are working to demolish. That should concern everyone no matter what your affiliation.

1. Lastly, my grandfather stayed in line for me. And you. He lived to help others have the right to vote. No matter who they were and who they voted for, he believed strongly in human rights. I do too.

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