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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tanika Williams: Organ Tranplants and Caregiving on Living Your Best Radio with Genma Holmes

Join Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes as we profile organizations, leaders, and volunteers who lead by example. With extraordinary acts of kindness and charitable giving that help countless lives daily, these organizations, leaders, and volunteers  embody, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

On Saturday, March 12, 2016, Tanika Williams will share updates about her husband, Steve Williams who is in need of kidney transplant. Steve Williams spoke to Living Your Best life audience when a donor came forward several months ago. Since that time, there has been a few twists and turns on his journey to receiving a transplant.

Tanika will share about loving her husband in sickness and in health, the trials, and the victories they have experienced over the last eight years. She will also share about the importance of educating communities about organ donation and transplantion and how it works.  Tanika will also discuss how everyone can help encourage Steve and their ongoing fundraising efforts.

This is a must hear show!

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More about Steve Williams Story

Steve Williams is on a list of  more than 123,000 men, women and children aawaiting organ transplants to save their lives. Thousands more are in need of tissue and cornea transplants to restore their mobility and sight. Register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor today and provide hope to those who wait.

 In 2008, life was going along pretty good. Tanika's husband, Steve, who is a truck driver, had his own business hauling cars. They had lived in their home for 15 years with their children who were teens. Their life was full of plans and dreams for our future. That same year, a routine health physical to renew his CDL license revealed a problem with his kidney. Their reality changed radically. Steve was in renal failure. He went from driving the country delivering cars to driving to dialysis 3 times a week. He endured the loss of his business, home and mental and financial security. In short, the bottom fell out.

For over eight years, he has waited for a donor.

 Nobody goes through something like this alone and comes out of it whole. We are blessed to have the greatest family and friends. The encouragement and help that we have received has spelled the difference in too many instances to name. Steve and I have had people on every side to hold us up. . Without you we would fall. We are deeply appreciative to you all and we're grateful that you continue to be Jesus' hands and feet for us. The Williams


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