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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mechelle Taylor-Moragne, M.D. Shares Her Heart Health Journey on Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes

Join Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes as we profile organizations, leaders, and volunteers who lead by example. With extraordinary acts of kindness and charitable giving that help countless lives daily, these organizations, leaders, and volunteers  embody, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

On Saturday, February 27, 2016, we will continue our series on Hearth Health with Mechelle Taylor-Moraane, M.D., a heart attack survivor.  Dr. Taylor-Moragne will share events prior to heart her attack and her lifestyle since that faithful day.

Dr. Taylor-Moragne, a graduate of Fisk and Meharry, will share how being a doctor prepared her to be a patient and how her medical training became an asset when requesting tests while in the hospital. As she is recovering and adjusting to the new norms in her life, we will hear how her attack has affected her emotional, physically, and spiritually. She will also share a few moments from the ER that will leave you  with a smile about the ironies in life.

This is a must hear interview!

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More about Mechelle Taylor-Moragne, M.D., Ph.D., FAAFP

Dr. Mechelle Taylor-Moragne is a family practice physician and Medical Director of the East Jackson Family Medical Center in Jackson, TN. She has been practicing at East Jackson Family Medical Center for 13 years.  She takes care of women, men, babies, children and elderly patients. She is particularly interested in women’s health because of the disparities that women especially African American women face in health care.

Dr. Taylor-Moragne was born in Memphis, TN and attended the historic Memphis Central High school.  After high school, she earned a BA at the historic Fisk University. During her time at Fisk, she participated in the Summer Research Program at Meharry Medical College sparking her interest in the field of Science and Medicine.  Dr. Taylor-Moragne later earned her Ph.D and M.D. at Meharry Medical College. Dr. Taylor-Moragne became the first female to earn both degrees of M.D. and Ph. D. from Meharry when she graduated from the School of Medicine in 1998.  

During her tenure at Meharry Medical College, Dr. Taylor had been active in several activities involving the underserved and underrepresented community of Nashville, TN.  She served as a lab coordinator and designed research activities for high school and college students participating in the NSF Summer Research Program and Science Motivation Program (a STEM Project).  She served several years in the Pre Alumni Association’s Community Day Activities which provided stimulating activities and physicals to the children from the local neighborhood and housing projects in Nashville, TN.  She organized Career Day Programs for high school students during her graduate school tenure at Meharry Medical College.

Dr. Taylor Moragne had many role models at Meharry Medical College, especially Dr. David Satcher who served as the President of Meharry Medical College from 1982 to 1993 while she was a student.  Dr. Stcher went on to hold post as Director of the CDC and appointed as 16th Surgeon General of the United States and 10th Assistant Secretary for Health.  Dr. Taylor-Moragne has admired Dr. Satcher’s stance for eliminating  health disparities for minorities, poor and disadvantage groups.   

Dr. Taylor-Moragne went on to complete a Family Practice Residency Program at Rush/ Illinois Masonic Family Medical Residency in Chicago, Illinois.  Her desire to serve an underrepresented population did not stop in Chicago.  She participated in a Community Health Program to provide medical care to a population of homeless patients at the Pilsen Homeless Center.  

After completion of her Residency Program, Dr. Taylor-Moragne came to Jackson, Tennessee to continue her mission of serving an underserved population in Jackson, Tennessee at the East Jackson Family Medical Center which is a designated Rural Health Center and safety net clinic for a population who would otherwise not have access to medical care.  Her work has been fulfilling to her.  

Dr. Taylor-Moragne has two sons, Reuben Moragne (17 years old) and Dallas Moragne (15 years old) who are great students at Madison High School. 


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