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Saturday, September 28, 2013

H.O.P.E. Scholarship Third Anniversary and #50for50 Kick Off on Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes

Join Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes as we profile organizations and leaders who lead by example. With extraordinary acts of kindness and charitable giving that help countless lives daily, these organizations and leaders embody "Be the change you want to see in the world".

Throughout 2013 listeners will hear from presidents of organizations who are global change agents. We will also hear from CEOs of social enterprise businesses who are changing communities and college educators who are taking their students out of the classroom and into surrounding neighborhoods to learn and serve others.

On Saturday, September 29, 2013, tune in to hear us celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of H.O.P.E. Scholarship. Listen to the founders, Jeffery Chance and Michelle Nealy, share about their passion to help make quality education affordable to deserving students.  Hear how they have stayed inspired to continue to give to others while still pursing their career and educational goals. We will also hear from H.O.P.E.'s fundraising chair, Brandy Jackson, who will give us input on how we can all "bloom where we are planted" to help others stay in school. And to help keep the motivational party flowing, we will be joined by everyone's favorite college President, President Michael J. Sorrel of Paul Quinn College.

In 3 years, HOPE has given away several scholarships and raised nearly $10,000! HOPE’s blog readership boasts 31,000+ views and we have a social network of over 5,000. HOPE has made the thoughts and views of university presidents, Phi Beta Kappas, and alumni accessible to current students. HOPE is helping to change the face of philanthropy through the H.O.P.E. Dealer movement by challenging millennials, ages 18 to 34, to give their time, money and talents to empower their communities.

 Living Your Best Life, a radio show that empowers, inspires and motivates one to live their BEST life, can heard on 760 AM in the Middle-Tennessee Region, on Tune In, military bases, and streamed live on U-Stream.TV from 9-10AM CST. This show will also be aired on WTST, a member of the HBCU radio network.

More About H.O.P.E.

Since their inception in 2010, The H.O.P.E. Scholarship team has worked diligently to lighten the financial burden on college students by providing need-based scholarships. We understand the serious financial challenges that college students face. For that reason, H.O.P.E has raised nearly $10,000 and awarded five scholarships.

We have resolved to be HOPE DEALERS, individuals committed to sustaining historically black colleges and universities by empowering the students who attend them financially, physically and emotionally.

Please consider giving a gift to The H.O.P.E. Scholarship. Your donation provides more students with the opportunity to thrive in our competitive world. You can change the world by providing others the gift of a college education. Start with H.O.P.E. The impact is everlasting.

The H.O.P.E. Scholarship Initiative is a non-profit organization designed to empower college students facing financial hardships. The organization was founded by two Howard University alumni committed to serving their communities.

Photos from H.O.P.E. Scholarship 3rd Anniversary Party can be found here.


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