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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Ty2 Foundation on Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes


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Join Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes as we profile organizations, leaders, and individuals who lead by example. With acts of kindness and charitable giving that help countless lives daily, these organizations and leaders embody "Be the change you want to see in the world".

On Saturday, August 4, 2012, we will hear about the extraordinary life of Ty Osman, II. Ty, affectionately known as "Ty2" or "lil' Ty" to many, succumbed to injuries he received on March 2, 2012. Ty, a freshman at Harding University, had gotten out of his vehicle to check on friends who had been rear ended by another vehicle. When Osman exited his vehicle, his vehicle was hit by an oncoming car. The news of Ty's death traveled around the world. His family, his church family, and friends from every corridor of the globe have been profoundly impacted by death.

Ty, the beloved son of Ty, Sr. and Nancy and brother of Adair and Kendall, had a true servant's heart. He loved people. While Ty's life here was way too short, he gave everyone around him examples on how to be a friend. He excelled at treating people right. Rich or poor, young or old, no one was a stranger to Ty. He loved being outdoors, enjoying the simple beauty of God's creation. He loved to hunt and fish as well. Ty enjoyed all types of sports from football to bowling. He ran track for Brentwood High School. Ty was known for his work ethics; he showed up early and stayed late. He touched the lives of so many with his never-ending smile and constant compassion for living life to the fullest. Before his death, Ty chose to be an organ donor. Because of his decision, eight individuals received life saving transplants after Ty's death.

Today's show will feature family friends who knew "Lil Ty's" heart for others, and how the Osman family have chosen to keep Ty's light shining brightly through the work and mission of the T2 Foundation. Listen as Terry Smith, a life coach and close personal friend of the Osman Family, give words of wisdom and comfort to those who may have loss a child or dealing with indescribable pain. Hear Gregg Turner, a partner at Solomon Builders, share about the work of the The Ty2 Foundation and his relationship with the Osman Family. Brant Bousquet, executive director of the Hard Bargain Association, will talk about the Ty Us 2gether service project that will benefit the Hard Bargain Neighborhood in Franklin, Tennessee.

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More About the Ty2 Foundation

The Ty2 Foundation has been created as a lasting memorial to the life of Ty Osman, II. Ty had a servant's heart and was a light to everyone around him. The foundation will allow his light to continue to shine and will serve the charities that profoundly impacted his life.

Ty's departure leaves a gaping hole in the hearts of those who love him, but also in the places and situations where he loved to work. Every kind word, every prayer spoken on behalf of him and his family is so deeply appreciated. But Ty's work isn't done. In his honor, the Ty2Foundation will make contributions to make sure that the good work continues. As an organ donor, Ty showed his care for others. Even through his death, he chose to give a better life to those around him. This foundation will carry that beautiful spirit far into the future.

Ty, Nancy, Adair and Kendall have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support they have received. This foundation has been established as their way of giving back. Many people and organizations have already stepped forward to provide support. This site will frequently provide updates about the foundation's efforts to honor Ty's life, while giving the glory to our Lord.

More About the Hard Bargain Association

The mission of Hard Bargain Association (HBA) is to impact lives and preserve history by restoring existing homes, building quality affordable housing, and revitalizing generational neighborhoods.

HBA is a grassroots, non-profit organization seeking to restore and redevelop Hard Bargain, a historic African American neighborhood, which has fought for over 100 years to be preserved.

The neighborhood is located on 15 acres, two square city blocks in downtown Franklin, Tennessee and totals over 80 households which are predominantly low income (60% or less of the median income of the Nashville Tennessee Metropolitan Statistical Area- MSA.)

By providing affordable homes for purchase, repairing existing homes and structures, and beautifying public spaces, our vision is to help transform the neighborhood into a vibrant community to be proud of for generations to come.

HBA is working together with the residents of this historic neighborhood to restore and rebuild it into what their vision is for the neighborhood and its future. We do this by having regular community meetings, design workshops, and having residents of the neighborhood on our board of directors and advisory board. Volunteers help in various ways including doing rehab projects on homes (repairs, painting, roofing, etc…) landscaping, gardening, clean up, fundraising events and other volunteer projects.

The emphasis is on restoring the current community and not allowing gentrification of this historic neighborhood. HBA repairs existing homes and offers quality, affordable homes for purchase to people who have not been able to attain the dream of home ownership. This is possible with the help of donated services and materials, volunteer labor, and financial contributions.

We looked forward to the city that has foundations, whose architect and builder is God. Hebrews 11:10

Solomon Builder's Culture

Strong values, broad experience and superb work ethics are only a few of the great characteristics that are shared by the family at Solomon Builders. From day one, their goal has been to find the “best of the best” people in this industry. Undoubtedly, the foundation and success of any company is the great people that make up that organization.

Photo Credits: Ty2 Foundation and the Osman Family
Hard Bargain Association
Studio pics of Terry Smith, Gregg Turner, and Brant Bousquet GSH Media

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