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Saturday, August 11, 2012

East Side Story Book Store is Open for Business

Watching a friend open a new business has got to be one of life's greatness moments. Watching Chuck and Emily Beard open East Side Story, a new book store in East Nashville, is more than a great moment. It has been another adventure in my life with the Beards. I am not quite sure when our mutual love of all things art and networking with each other became a deeper friendship. Somewhere between volunteering and creating, we became family.

The Beards have decided to become business owners that will encompass all of their talents into one brightly blue painted store at The Shops of Woodlands. Emily's artwork, t-shirt designs, and jewelry are neatly arranged on stands and bins. Chuck's first book, Adventures Inside a Bright-Eyed Sky, is stacked in a bookcase that features Nashville authors from every genre; Romance, How To, Children, Horror, Weight Loss, Man Hunting, Women Loving, No the Hell You Didn't, Business Owners, Pray For It, Claim It, You Name It. Every subject is at East Side Story. All written by Nashvillians. Who knew Music City had so many published authors! For a minute, I could have sworn I had stepped into a songwriters showcase with no sheet music or musicians. The pages of hundreds of books were singing softly, "Read me, Genma, read me"!

I responded to the chorus I was hearing in my head by dialing as many authors that I knew to get over to 1108 Woodland Street before dark and by picking up several items to purchase. Chuck's decision to carry only local authors was a brilliant idea. I am certain the authors will return that loyalty by sending book lovers to East Side Story. Can you see entrepreneur of the year award already? I do!

As I took in the beauty of the scenery and admiring the hearts of new entrepreneurs, I could not help but swell with pride. I am so proud to know two love birds that compliment each other so well who are on a new journey in their life. I am so thankful and blessed that our paths crossed.

East Side Story opens for business officially today, Saturday, August 11,2012 at 9:00am at 1108 Woodland Street, Nashville, TN. I hope to see you there!

Chuck Beard on Living Your Best Life Radio discussing opening East Side Story last month can be found here.

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