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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bryan and Kimberly Ricci on Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes

Join us Saturday, March 31, 2012 on Living Your Best Life to hear the inspiring story of how a once homeless youth, Bryan Ricci, is giving back to those who helped him turn his life around by paying it forward helping the homeless community. Ricci will also share how the Oasis Center impacted his life as a teen and a young adult.

Ricci will be joined by his wife, Kimberly, and their beautiful children. Hear his family share about the husband and dad they know today; a man of faith, an inventor and a company CEO. Listen to the Ricci family share about being faithful in life, dreaming big, and how their invention, the Eraselet, "a bracelet eraser", is raising awareness of the ever growing homeless community and what they are doing to help stamp out hunger.

Living Your Best Life, is a radio show that empowers inspires, and motivates one to live their BEST life. Living Your Best Life can be heard on 760 The Gospel in the Middle TN Region, Inspirational Networks, military bases, and UStream. TV from 9-10AM CST.

More About The Eraslet

The Eraselet was invented as a way for the Ricci family three young daughters, all in elementary school, to keep from losing their erasers. Since the girls loved bracelets, why not an eraser in the form of a bracelet? The product, a revolutionary eraser in the form of a bracelet, was given the title "Eraselet", patent-pended and trademarked through the USPTO (United State Patent and Trademark Office).

It was important to Bryan and Kimberly Ricci to produce the Eraselet in the US. They felt strongly that with our country's current economy in shambles, it did not seem right to send American jobs overseas. After being told over and over that they would have to go outside the US to find an affordable manufacturer, they kept searching until they found a 90 year old family owned business, Alliance Rubber Company, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. By staying firm to their commitment to sell "Made in the USA" products, every time you buy an Eraselet, you are helping to provide jobs right here in the USA.

The Eraselet can be an excellent fundraising item for various causes and can be customized for organizations to "Erase Your Cause". The Eraselet is also giving back through the Ricci's non-profit, Erase World Hunger. Erase World Hunger provides food and clean drinking water to children right in our own back yard and impoverished countries.

The Eraselet can found in Dollar General Stores, Life Way Christian Bookstores, and ordered online at

Let's get Eraselet on the shelf at Walmart by voting for them here.

Photos supplied by Kimberley Ricci

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