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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Can We Pause the Walter Scott Video?

The video of Walter Scott being shot in the back by officer Michael T. Slager. The video has been played over and over on every news cast.

The video shows that deadly force was used to stop Walter Scott. The video also shows how causal the officer Michael T. Slager looked right after Walter Scott fell to ground after being hit by five bullets. To many, the video proves that the death of Black and Brown people vary greatly from what the police officers report and what witnesses see. Many have commented that watching a video of someone being shot over and over desensitizes the masses and dehumanizes a human being.

The video is on every countless timelines on  Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. And every cable outlet and mainstream media news cast have replayed the video of Walter Scott being shot multiple times and dying without ceasing since it surfaced two days ago. At what point does showing the video over and over, from the chase to the Scott falling on the ground to his death is enough? As grateful as the Scott family must be for the video being shared with them, when do we as the public and media say enough with the replays. Or at the very least pause the video out of respect for the grieving family.



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