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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Creativity Moves on Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes

Join Living Your Best Life with Genma Holmes and Mocha Market Magazine as we spotlight young, talented, and out of the box thinkers who are business and social change agents. From serial entrepreneurs who will not allow the word “no” be a stumbling block on the road to success to leaders of organizations who challenge the status quo by leading by example to military men and women who are taking their military training that helped rebuild foreign countries and now applying their skills in their communities and in the marketplace. Tune in to hear best practices, how they became overcomers, and how they turned missteps into opportunities.

On Saturday May 5, 2012, Dr. Jacob Weiss of Playing by Air will share his latest project, Creativity Moves.

Creativity Moves is a 4-day event coming to Nashville on May 24-27, 2012 that will mobilize the city's creativity to benefit the Nashville community. The programs will bring together a wide range of the local community, including creative professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, meeting planners, educators, cancer survivors, families, and the public.

The entire community is invited to come together to celebrate a shared passion for creativity and giving back.

Along with Dr.Jacob Weiss, we will hear from Joy Huber, cancer survivor and author of Cancer with Joy, and Lu Sipos, founder of Gabe is my Heart. Hear both women share how cancer impacted their life and how they use their stories to empower, inspire, and motivate others to serve.

Living Your Best Life, is a radio show that empowers inspires, and motivates one to live their BEST life. Living Your Best Life can be heard on 760 The Gospel in the Middle TN Region, Inspirational Networks, military bases, and UStream.TV from 9-10AM CST.

More about Creativity Moves

Nashville, TN — On May 24-27, Nashville will come together to celebrate creativity and a spirit of giving back to the community. Creativity Moves Nashville is a four-day event mobilizing the city’s creativity to benefit Nashville, with programs for artists, creative professionals, entrepreneurs, non-profits, health care, and the public.

Nashville is home to a thriving community of creative talent, from musicians to startups, including a mix of amateurs and professionals. The same passion that drives these individuals’ creative growth also fosters a desire to give back to meaningful causes and non-profit organizations.

Innovative partnerships between creative and non-profit communities provide opportunities for individuals to develop successful careers that also benefit a greater cause.

From musical reviews that educate about cancer prevention to photographers capturing portraits for people in need, Nashville residents are finding meaning by applying their creativity to benefit the community.

Creative individuals are looking for ways to give back while developing their hobbies and careers, and local non-profits are seeking creative strategies to build awareness and fundraising for their programs.
Creativity Moves: Connecting Creativity and Causes

Creativity Moves Nashville nurtures connections and partnerships between creativity and causes, generating awareness for local community-building programs and resources.

The event will feature a half-day professional development conference for creative leaders and non-profit organizations, city-wide creative workshops, live performances, and a free program for young adult cancer survivors on the power of sharing one’s story.

The event will take place at Belmont University’s Black Box Theatre, hosted by Nashville’s Sideshow Fringe Festival, with additional locations for the creative workshops. All elements of the program include components of both creativity and giving back.

Artists, entrepreneurs, and other creative leaders will learn career-building strategies by developing mutually beneficial relationships with non-profit organizations and causes. In turn, representatives from non-profits will explore new approaches to connect with the creative community to achieve success in their fundraising and programming goals.

For more info about Creativity Moves click here.

More About Joy Huber

Joy Huber is a stage four young adult cancer survivor and the founder & author of "Cancer with Joy" published by Morgan James Publishing of NYC. She is an award-winning international presenter, individual coach, and the co-writer of the song "Bright Side Effects" (see the Music Video and additional videos on YouTube).

Joy helps the newly diagnosed and those on their support team discover how to transform fear into happiness with resources, support, and en'courage'ment. She wrote "Cancer with Joy" to be the essential resource for the newly diagnosed providing helpful and highly valuable information that saves precious time, energy, and money. Joy was professionally trained in coaching by Coach U, and she offers individual coaching on a limited basis.

At Creativity Moves Nashville, Joy will share her story of how she went from stage four cancer diagnosis to book deal in less than a year! Joy is professionally trained to coach others with a story to tell and presents an entrepreneurship program for young adults.

More About Chemo Duck

Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program® is a program of the Nashville-based nonprofit organization, Gabe’s My Heart. Established in 2004 to provide education and comfort to children living with cancer through medical play using therapeutic tools, Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program has provided more than 5,000 ducks to children around the world. Our goal is to enable hospital staff, parents and caregivers to prepare children for chemotherapy treatment and eliminate the fear of the unknown. We work directly with child life departments at our affiliate hospitals to ensure children and their families obtain the full benefit of our program. Chemo Duck is a stuffed yellow duck dressed in blue hospital scrubs with a bandana around its head, a chemotherapy port on its chest and an immobilizer on his arm. In a gentle, age-appropriate manner, children learn what to expect during cancer treatment and have a friend to share the experience. In turn, children can use Chemo Duck to help friends, siblings and classmates to understand and empathize with their experience. For information about Chemo Duck click here.

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