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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nashville's Youth Host Forum For Juvenile Court Clerk Candidates

Teen leaders bring together candidates for Juvenile Court Clerk position to present their platform and agenda to the Nashville community.

There are ten candidates slated for the position of Juvenile Court Clerk for Nashville/Davidson Co. This mainly administrative position is vital for the efficient running of Juvenile Court. The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction of cases regarding: parentage, visitation and child support, dependency, neglect and abuse, status offenses (such as truancy and unruly behavior), delinquency and other miscellaneous charges. It is the duty of the Juvenile Court Clerk to provide those persons utilizing the facilities of the Juvenile Justice Center with the highest level of efficient and courteous service.

WHO: Oasis Center’s Youth United in partnership with Nashville Community Coalition for Youth Safety and NUPACE (Nashville Urban Partnership Academic Center of Excellence)

WHAT: A youth-led forum for candidates for the office of Juvenile Court Clerk, Nashville/Davidson Co. Teen leaders are providing an opportunity for both youth and adults to better understand the role of the Juvenile Court Clerk and hear each candidate’s stance on vital issues. This position directly affects a wide range of youth in the Davidson Co. community. Creating an environment where community members feel welcome to interact with the candidates, and youth, those most directly impacted by this office, are actively engaged is extremely important and necessary for this coveted position. This event is not a debate; rather it is a forum where each candidate will be able to give a 5 minute stump speech and answer a few questions for 5-10 minutes.

WHEN: Thursday, April 29th
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

WHERE: Youth Opportunity Center
1704 Charlotte Pike, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37203

OTHER: The mission of NUPACE is to establish the Nashville Urban Partnership Academic Center of Excellence (NUPACE), Youth Violence Prevention to promote an academic/ community partnership that integrates prevention science with community action in order to reduce violence among youth 10-24 years of age in Nashville/Davidson County TN.

The Nashville Community Coalition for Youth Safety (NCCYS) is a group of community members that will have the opportunity to contribute their expertise and experiences to ensure that the important research questions related to reducing violence among youth 10-24 years of age in Nashville/Davidson County, TN are thoroughly studied. Additionally, they are committed to sharing the responsibility of decision making for all research, surveillance, programmatic and strategic planning activities for NUPACE.

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