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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Holmes Pest Control was referred to a new customer this week. I drove over to East Nashville to meet the owners of a nursing home. They had bedbugs. It took all of thirty seconds to spot the creepy critters. I started asking them to remove items out the home immediately. Unlike other pest control companies, I will not treat mattresses; they are sent to the garbage dump immediately.

After inspecting the home, I sat on the porch to talk to the sweet couple about their business and mutual contacts. They were nice and I believe this will be a good account. They are well connected so I am looking forward to the referrals. On my way home, I felt a small twitch around ankle and instantly I thought "oh no"! As soon as I pulled in my drive way, I started disrobing on the spot. When I took off my shoes and socks, I saw three bedbugs waiting for me to bring them inside my home.

As simple as walking into another facility, you can bring bedbugs home with you. And they are not the easiest critters to get rid of. Because this is a nursing, this job will take us a minute to get things under control. I was told by the owner that one of the patients received a box from out of town three weeks ago and since that time they the patients have complained of intense itching at night. Below are pics of bedbugs. Boy,do they multiply quickly! If you are starting to itch at night check you around your mattress for spots and these little critters.

Photo credit: Louento

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