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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Breaking News: Nancy Grace Interrupts her Obsession with Caylee Anthony and reported a Black Woman Missing

In today's world, many individuals can deliver the news. News anchors, reporters, journalists, bloggers and talent disguised as cable hosts and then there is Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace is in a genre by herself. She is the only person on television that covers missing kids with some facts and any rumor that can be found on the streets. I am convinced that CNN's Nancy Grace is obsessed with Caylee Anthony and needs psychiatric counseling immediately. With little objectivity and even less professionalism, Nancy conducts interviews equivalent to face offs. Nancy Grace, a former prosecutor, makes me wonder if she believes she can bypass the courts and send anyone straight to jail via her TV show.

Nancy Grace has a special way of making you hate to watch her and hate to miss the next show. Since July, her acid tongue has been fixated on the Anthony family complete with swirling pictures and videos on the TV screen. As a self professed news junkie, I can watch any show on any network with an open mind. But I can only watch Nancy Grace in short intervals. Nancy has become as creepy as a pedophile showing the pictures of Caylee throughout her show. Speaking of perverts, she closes the show to Michael Jackson’s song “Gone Too Soon”. The irony of that is too long to discuss in this posting. I often find myself begging my TV screen to show a child of color missing as if it would answer back.

One child of color was profiled in the last six months. One. Six year old Adji Desir from Florida was profiled briefly. Nancy spent four minutes in her initial reporting of his disappearance from his front yard. He has not been seen since. She gave him some attention a few more times but his coverage pales in comparison to the swirling pictures of Caylee with the show ending with the baby saying "Pa-pa, pa-pa ". And where did she get the video of the baby being given a bath, anyway? How CNN can exploit a tragedy like this and then question why they are losing viewers to Fox News is pure amazement? As deranged as Sean Hannity sounds about a pending communist state, bowing to a king, and foreign appeasement to ever increasing ratings, he does not have a deceased child on the TV screen night after night.

After Caylee Anthony's body was founded in December, Nancy Grace dedicated two weekend specials to Caylee. In tears, she described Caylee's first two years of life with the infamous partying mother known as "Tot Mom". Nancy's emotional voice is heard while we watched Caylee go from a baby to a toddler. Picture after family picture of Caylee was shown with commentary as if it was her child. I had to switch the channel because it was getting too bizarre. Since that time, Nancy has not masked her hatred of Casey Anthony and her family. But with a flip of the switch and quicker than someone needing extra strength Zoloft, Nancy was in an uproar at the media when George considered suicide to escape the pain of losing his grandchild.

The concern shown for the distraught grandfather, who she aided in pushing him over the edge by many folks assessment, proved to me she is one buckle away from a straight jacket. But Nancy was back to herself within a few days spitting venom at lawyers who showed caution not to assume this case is a slam dunk. When the body of Caylee was finally laid to rest, the family sent a message to the media not to come. I am sure the only names on the list were Nancy Grace and her whipping post producer, Natisha Lance. The funeral was replayed over and over for a week and Nancy did not miss a beat in showing the Tot Mom prison rants with her family.

With new photos of Tot Mom partying, a court appearance "in a new purple sweater", and Casey's parents freshly taped civil case deposition that should have been on paid-per-view; Nancy has been given more ammunition to poison the jury pool. I would be surprised if this case is tried in Orlando. And there is a possibility that Tot Mom maybe partying again in a year or two if the leaking of information continues.

Last week, Nancy did the unthinkable; she interrupted her diatribe about Tot Mom to profile a Black mother missing. And to add more intrigue to her sudden awareness of others, she bought Girl Scout cookies on national TV. Nancy Grace profiled a missing mother of color and told us that she encourages young girls by supporting the Girl Scouts. There is a God! After shaking myself from shock, I went to the Internet to research the story. Unfortunately, her website does not offer any details about mother who was profiled. How the Girl Scout cookies fit in the story leaves me puzzled but, nevertheless, a person of color was profiled. Nancy broke her routine of baby exploitation and gave a family of color loved one air time.

This subject is personal, I must confess. I know how important it is to show the face of a missing child, teen, (fill in the blank) on television. You engage the audience to take a closer look and hope that someone may have seen the face somewhere. There are hundreds of children and young women who are reported missing every day. But why focus on one family for nearly a year? Why not give families, without the saga, drama, and derogation, a 30 second camera shot? It is amazing how the memory can be jogged in an instant. I am not trying to take any one's Caylee fix from them but mentioning another name, profiling Blacks, Hispanics, and others would not take any steam from the hate-fest-freak-show coverage of the Tot Mom yelling at her parents.

It makes me sick to know harm was brought to the child, any child for that matter. I hate that another child, named Haleigh, is starting to get Nancy's attention mainly because of the dysfunction that is being uncovered within her family dynamics. Nancy is not helping the family find the child but picking them apart publicly. Reporting who the parents are sleeping with diverts attention from the real issue, Haleigh is missing.

There will be a special place in hell for CNN and Headline News (HLN). Not only do they put Nancy Grace on seven nights a week, they have given her a preshow with Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell. And to add even more creepiness to the mix, Jane has a preshow with Mike Galanos of Prime News. Mike discusses what Jane will discuss that Nancy will discuss about Tot Mom. Four hours daily discussing one child not including the wee hour repeat shows. When is too much enough? CNN should not have any ratings at this point.

The Tot Mom case goes to trial in October. Between now and the trial, I hope Nancy will put her hateful energy into helping families of all colors find their love ones and locking up criminals who harm kids. John Walsh of America's Most Wanted has his critics but he uses his show to actually get criminals off the street and behind bars. Hundreds of cold cases have been solved and thousands of wackos have been put behind bars. His show only airs ONE night a week.

Nancy can continue to discuss what waiting-for-trial-killers eat in prison and continue to interview former and future lovers of the Tot Mom, but as least use her voice to help find the missing or give the grieving solace and closure. After watching her in short bursts this week, I realize I am just not into watching Nancy Grace exploit children. I rather buy the National Enquirer; at least I know the headlines are sensational upfront.


RiPPa said...

Thanks for directing me to this post and your site in general. I loved the way you broke this down. Yes, this is a problem, and yes, I will be writing about this real soon and giving much credit to your vigilance.

As for Nancy Grace? Like you, I ca only take her in doses; very short doses at that. Her face, voice and body language irritates the shit out of me. I find it hard to stomach her antics, and the way she speaks for extended periods of time.

Feel free to stop bye and check me out and share your thoughts on my brand of madness.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for relaying my feelings toward this sensationalist,she is obsessed with caylee and i find myself cursing at the tv and then turning.The funny thing is i check back at least once a day to see if anything has no!

Cathleen said...

Dear Gemma,
My sister are infuriated by Nancy Grace and her one woman prosecutorial program, and I believe she is suffering from a psychosomatic disorder manifesting itself as a Talk Show Terrorist.
Most importantly, your point about missing persons of color must be emphasized. We must all get involved and do what we can to support families of color going through this, highlight the disparity in coverage, and spread the word.
I would appreciate it if you would start by putting a face and a name to the mother of color that Nancy Grace mentioned on her show. The only photo and name mentioned next to your article is yours, and at quick glance it seems you might be the missing mother. Without her name and photo, there is little we can do to support her family.

Also please let everyone know about Black and Missing,Inc. (BAM), and the Black and Missing But Not Forgotten Blog, two organizations who focus on missing persons of color.
Thanks for your excellent article,
Cathleen Williams
I'm Just Saying TV

Anonymous said...

Nancy Nasty B-otch Graceless is nothing but a rumor mongering gossip. Her self righteous indignation at the Caylee Anthony doll maker is the height of hypocrisy. Hour after hour,week after week,she slams and expoits that family. Someone else tries to make a buck, doing basically the same thing she does, she for some reason is highly outraged. Justice will be served, without Grace's exploitation of other peoples misery.

Tamarcqua said...

I have been sick of Nancy Grace but her allowing this man Brian Oxman to come on her show and pretend to be Michael Jackson's attorney is too much for me. She damn near gave this man the entire hour. He IS NOT the Jackson family attorney. During MJ trial they(Jackson family)had to put it in writitng to keep hi from being camped out in front of the media for months.Of course, she enjoyed him on her show talking about Michael Jackson abusing drugs and him (attorney)warning them. I turned to her show just to see what kind of coverage she would have of his death. It's sad the coverage she had but should I be surprised!I have been trying to contact her with no success I wonder why that is

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Nancy back in the day when was she was a little more sane. I actually used enjoy the way she interrogated other attorneys she didn't agree with. But, why spend the whole show fixated on one child--whose fate we already (unfortunately) know. That does seem like some crazed obsession. At some point she lost credibility with me--I'm not sure when.

I became suspicious of Oxman on Friday when he made his rounds on the morning shows. He didn't have the demeanor of a grieving friend. His look was more like--"I hope I look good on camera." Surprised Nancy couldn't see through this.

Fat Bastard said...

Nancy Grace is a shameless exploiter. I have finally talked my wife out of watching here vulgar show.

Nancy Grace is a nut case and CNN is worse for allowing her on the air. She is a brutal snake.

I will never forget her remarks about Michael Jackson during his trial. Diane Diamond is another yellow journalist. They both helped put MJ into an early grave. I discuss this on my blog.

Kay DeWitt said...

I just came upon this article and there are no words adequate enough to express my gratitude for the way this article confirmed every-
thing I have been crying to CNN about as to why Nancy should be removed from the air. The only reason that I have to subject myself to his "show" is because I am involved in the Melinda Duckett suit case and am on a mission to try and get Nancy off of the air because, in fact, was she responsible for Melinda Duckett's death and, in fact, in the name of "justice" she encourages the very unforgivnesss and hatred that AUTHORS crimes of murder! Only a few days ago, did I state to the lawyer involved in the suit case that Nancy was "sick"..and I stated that as one who has a degree in psychology! My reading what you stated in this article served to confirm my "diagnosis"..
While Nancy has played, and replay-ed, Cindy Anthony's deposition (even doing so over the holidays), now that it is her turn to be deposed (this past Thursday)she does not want the video made public
Please help me and others try to outcry this double
pecially since, during the coverage of the Tiger Woods' scandal Nancy kept expressing her contempt over the fact that Tiger Woods was getting special treatment because he was Tiger Woods!

Anonymous said...

nancy grace is the most unprofessional ever. Ever notice all her talk about food (feud) she wonders what prisoners eat how much,while saying she eats one chicken nugget. she is 6 axe handles across the a$$. she states she can still lift both twins at the same time. I guess so her upper arms look to be the size of a twelve year old child thighs. yet she loves to hear how beautiful she is and petite.Its sickening to have a prosecuter judge cases on quick justice. Where was the quick justice over the lawsuit about the suicide of trenton ducketts mother. also heard that nancy didnt want tv in the courtroom when this came to trial. why not its breaking news, breaking news. Bombshell news

Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace makes me sick. She is the rudest, most obnoxious, lying supposed professional news host in
TV history. (Susan Moss is a close second) When she is not bragging about her twins ....who9 cares....she is bragging that she carries a copy of the constitution in her purse. Someone needs to direct her to the provision of presumption of innocense. I cannot believe the same lawyers agree to be on her show only to be humiliated; she never lets them finish a sentence and twists what they did say. It is not only Caylee Anthony she is obsessed about. I hope her twins grow up with their Fathers values and personality since they have to be better than hers. One night she actually said that she would not let her husband bathe the 2 year old twins for fear he may not protect them the way she does. I don't know how or where she found someone who agreed to marry her. Her story about being a victim of crime because she old boyfried was killed in a drive by shooting is bull. HE WAS NOT. There is a petition on line desperately collecting signatures to have this menace removed from the air. Please find it and sign it and lets all pray for the day she gets canned.

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