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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day like no other...November 4th

No matter who wins today, November 4, 2008 will be a day like no other. I am volunteering at the polls today. All day. One of my customers owns a bottle water franchise and we did a little bartering. Free pest control for bottled water. That is $585.00 in pest control tender, for those who do not know the dollar value in bug killing terms. My trucks are loaded down with bottled water.

I also managed to get snack crackers from another client who is a local grocer. Mr. Benson thinks I am crazy and was too shocked to say no when I asked him for crackers for some of the older folks in line today and might need a little pick me up. Daddy could make a meal out of saltines, so I figured someone close to his age would appreciate my efforts.

My Mississippi roots are urging me to run find a few cans of sardines to complete my culinary dish but I am pretty sure those standing in line would not savor the odor of the meal most requested by folks that live along Hwy 61 in the Great Magnolia State. Sardines, crackers, and cold water what else would one want while waiting in line for hours to cast a paper ballot that has the value of a cherished, priceless diamond.

My greatest wish today is that everyone vote. No matter how long the line is, no matter how cold or hot, no matter how one might feel about standing in the rain or heat, please vote. My granddaddy was willing to give his life for the right to vote. Joe Jackson is not here but I can hear him asking, "did ya vote?"

This morning, I looked heavenly, and answered, "Yes Daddy, you know I voted!" I pictured him smiling and rocking in his favorite lounger after hearing the only answer I was taught to say. Voting was the only option when you were raised by Joe Jackson. His thoughts will be missed tonight as the polls close and the non-news pundits give their bias on this historic day.

Maybe, I should picked up a few cans of sardines after all. That should help the lines moved faster, I would think.

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